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As the story goes: Sisqo & Kyle from Jagged Edge caught the rare FADE backstage at Concord Pavilion yesterday……. |

Niggas fighting over who ain’t had a Hit Record the longest ! 🚶✌️| vid c/o @jvalentine1

Repost By marcfromcrenshawandthirtynint: ” @mumumansion I find it interesting that a self proclaimed feminist is, fighting to keep a child out of his dad’s life. As a feminist, you should be fighting to hold father’s accountable for their parental duty, by doing everything you can to keep dad and son together… The family and real friends of your ex-husband have watched you, repeatedly, inundate your social media followers with your side of the story, for the past two years. And I’m sure the responses you get, truly empower you to continue this dumb shit you’re doing… But that, “woe is me,” shit and your phony martyrdom is disgusting. You’re preaching to a crowd of feminist zombies that will applaud anything you say against men. They’d probably even, high five, you if you told them you’d keep Raiders away from his father forever. Get the fuck out of here… Here’s the truth, your actions are that of a coward. Your feminist cause would be noble if you weren’t harboring an innocent child from his dad. Instead, you look like a hypocrite to anyone willing to exercise their intelligence. I’d hate to look at myself in the mirror if I were you… All that shit talking you’ve done through Instagram for the past two years, and now you have nothing to say? No response? Cat got your tongue?” | #FreeRaider #RaiderHasAFather #SelfishHasAName #EvilHasAName #GODSeeALL #IWishThisOnNoFather #RaiderWillKnowTheTruthOneDay

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