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Here’s the story behind this wonderful photo:

| “There’s a tribe in Africa that has a very beautiful custom. When one of the members makes a mistake, the entire tribe surrounds him/her and for two days, they speak of the great things that member has done. It is their belief that humans are good at heart and that we all seek security, love, peace and happiness. However, in this pursuit, we sometimes make mistakes and when that happens, the tribe unites to reconnect that member with his/her real nature. This tribe’s greeting is SAWUBONA, or I value you, I respect you, you are important to me. And the reply is SIKHONA or so I exist for you.” | The world can be pretty when it wants 2 ‼️ | #Incredible

Hate to say this is going to go over most of y’all heads but this is what I’ve been on from day 1. STICK TO THE ISSUE AT HAND ! Cops killing UNARMED people and abusing their power amongst ALL PEOPLE, EVERY RACE ‼️| Now watch some silly ass person STILL wanna talk about “black on black crime” on this very post. WATCH! 👀

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